Isuochi - The Beautiful

Our Core Values

It’s not just about what we do; it’s also about how we do it

  • Love for Community and Others
  • Teamwork and Perseverance
  • Humility and Respect for all
  • Honesty, Integrity and Transparency
  • Fiscal Responsibility

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Mission Statement

ISUOCHI PROGRESSIVE UNION, USA (IPU-USA), formed in 1997 as Umunneochi Progressive Union, is ethnic with the prime objective of promoting the well-being of Isuochi people here in USA, the preservation of our cultural heritage and passage of such to our descendants. IPU-USA will also participate to its ability in furthering the development of Isuochi, our place of origin, and promoting the welfare of its people. We are registered with the State of California as a non-profit organization operating exclusively for the public purposes within the meaning of section 501(C)3 of the Internal Revenue code.

About Isuochi

Isuochi autonomous community is located in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. The people of Isuochi are descendants of Ochi, a warrior and wrestler who in search of a "healthy, stoneless and wind swept” area for wrestling and other forms of sport, settled at Nkwoagu in the heart of the area called Isuochi. Ochi had a son named Isu who had two sons Ezi and Ihite. Ezi Isuochi is made up of Umuelem, Achara, Lomara, Amuda and Umuaku. Ihite Isuochi is made up of Ndiawa, Ihie, Mbala and Ngodo. These are the nine villages of Isuochi community. Based on a unanimous decision in 1970, the community shares things in the following order - Umuelem, Ndiawa, Achara, Ihie, Lomara, Mbala, Amuda, Ngodo and Umuaku. The Isuochi community uses the next of kin formula to share the kola nut. For example, any kola nut from Umuelem goes through any Ezi Isu representative to Isuochi. The same applies to any kola from Ihite Isu. The major occupation of the Isuochi people is agriculture and black-smiting. The main agricultural food crops are cassava, yam, black beans and cocoyam. The Cash crops are palm nuts and cashew nuts. These also constitute the foundation of industrial activities in the area. In addition there are also local stone mining activities centered on stones, and clay and pottery activities.

Clinic Project

On Monday April 24th, 2017, the Isuochi Progresive Union USA Medical Clinic opened its doors to the community.

The Clinic Highlights:

  • Primary Outpatient Care
  • Vision Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Health Education and Lab Services
  • Average of 100 patients seen weekly

The clinic is funded by membership levies, donations from fundraising activities, outside organizational contributions and patient registration fees.

Raffle Ticket

Proceeds from raffle ticket sales will be used as part of the funding of IPU Medical building project. Winning numbers drawn at the gala night on Sunday,September 1st, 2019 are as listed below.

  • 1st no.12842 (Evelyn Madu)

  • 2nd no. 05645 (Sofia O.)

  • 3rd no.13280 (Kennie)